What Jewish psychiatrists don’t understand about white school shooters.

What Jewish psychiatrists don’t understand is that white boys are supposed to be rambunctious and rowdy. They descended from warriors. Whites boys are the great great grandsons of Vikings, centurions, conquistadors, and cowboys. White boys are bread to be fighters while Jew boys are bred to be bean counters.

So when a Jewish psychologist sees wild behavior in a white boy he chemically poisons that boy’s brain with physcoactive drugs. This stupidifies the boy to the point he doesn’t exhibit rambunctious behavior. However it doesn’t change his DNA.

The distorted view of reality caused by the pills make the young man imagine an opponent he must fight. The pill popping boy simmers in a delusion of they’re out to get me.

This goes unnoticed under the wraps of the tranquilizers. But It boils, then it explodes. The white boy grabs a gun and commits an act of mass murder. The drugs amplify the behavior they try to squelch.

The way that white people have for centuries dealt with their mass murderers is to kill them before they kill anymore. But typically we don’t let our children get to that point. We discipline them into acceptable ways to channel their fighting instinct. Ever watch a hockey game?

But our Jewish overlords won’t accept out violent means to solve our violent problems. This of course makes the problem worse and causes more mass shootings.

Look, The solution is simple. First, no more psychological drugs. White boys stop bullies by fighting bullies. And our bullies learn to stop being bullies when they get punched in the face. But when you drug the victims and drug the bullies you get zombified killers.

Second, let us keep our weapons to defend ourselves against murderers. Guns are the only way to protect yourself against someone else’s gun. If Jews in Berlin had AR-15s the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened.

This is something even niggers understand. You own a pit bull to protect yourself from the other nigger’s pit bull. Hey, that gives me an idea. We should invent a pill that treats the Jew’s neurotic obsession with pills.

Author: Jim Kinkade


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