Transgender Wrestler a Typical Girl


If you can pick your gender why does it have to be just male or female?

When I wrestled in high school I should have chosen a third gender. A hyper-masculine gender. I mean even more masculine than I actually was (if you can imagine that). And to achieve this ideal of hypermasculinity, I would require doctor prescribed shots of trenbolone, a powerful anabolic steroid.

Of course, I would complain to the Boston Globe that the Massachusetts Wrestling Association did not accommodate us hypermasculine gendered wrestlers with our own state championship tournament. But I would reluctantly enter in the boy’s bracket where, thanks to the tren, I would advance farther than I actually did in high school wrestling.

That’s what I thought after hearing about Mack Beggs, the transgender boy (i.e mentally ill girl) wrestling in the girls’ tournament. Turns out she’s taking testosterone to “transition.” But USA Today tells us not to make a big deal of that:

Despite Beggs wanting to compete as a male, UIL regulations bar anyone from competing in a gender that doesn’t match their birth certificate. For his part, Beggs and his grandmother have continued to provide testosterone testing results to ensure that Beggs is legally within the range required to compete in the girls category.

-USA Today, Transgender boy wins controversial girls high school state title

Oh, okay. So she’s taking enough testosterone to become a boy. But not enough to disqualify her from competing as a girl. That contradiction makes perfect sense to liberals who believe gender stereotypes are meaningless social constructs until a female wants to be a male. Then liberals celebrate all those crude masculine behaviors they hitherto denounced.

You know what? Mack Beggs is a typical girl. She wants it both ways. She’s girl enough when it comes to her eligibility to wrestle as a girl. But she’s boy enough that the Texas regulators should have broken her free from the shackles of her female birth certificate.

Author: Jim Kinkade

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