There is no race war.

black with confederate flag
There is no race war

Too many people are saying that there’s a race war going on right now in America. Guys, open your eyes. There’s no race war.

When white men march in formation against a group of African Americans and people are left dead and wounded in the rubble of city streets, that’s a race war. You know, an actual battle where one side is black and the other white. However, when you look at Charlottesville you’ll see that almost every single person there is white — on both sides!

Of course to see this, you’ll need to zoom out from the narrow frame the media uses to deceive you. When you view as large a sample size as you can, you will be astounded by how few black people are involved in this so called race war.

If both sides of the battle line are white, then the battle lines aren’t drawn along racial lines. Where are the battle lines drawn then? Along ideological lines.

The war against ideas

The media obfuscates the underlying ideological battle. They post a headline that says “Counter-protesters Clash with White Supremacists” and they show footage of violent altercations.

They do this to deceive your aunt, who isn’t well informed about the situation. She just hears white supremacists and sees a scuffle on the street and cannot discern one side from the other. Aghast, she clutches her necklace and says, “Oh, dear heavens,” and blames the white supremacists for all the violence she observes.

After all white supremacists are by definition the most vile creatures on the planet. And without actually seeing any black people your aunt assumes those nasty white supremacists beat them to the back of the bus.

But let’s take away these manipulative labels so we can get a more informed understanding.

Alt-right vs. Antifa

These supposed white supremacists are actually a group identified as the Alt-right, which stands for alternative right. That’s how they self-identify, but the media refuses to use that title. Alt-right doesn’t cause the same visceral revulsion as the term white supremacist does.

The Alt-right’s main point is that white people are vilified and mistreated in their own society. The fact the media won’t call them the Alt-right proves their point!

The Alt-right faces off against a sinister group called Antifa which stands for anti-facist. Their goal? To punch nazis in the face. And they decide who’s a nazi. Yes, they use violence to fight violence. The act like they’re doing gods work, yet they completely mask their identities with black clothes, masks, and glasses. So it’s actually easy to identify Antifa. Look for the unibombers.

This is what I want everyone to see about Antifa. There are no black people. They are not a racially diverse group. By liberal standards that makes them racists.

Antifa are racists fighting racism– violently.

Ok, I know that someone will find some black guys in Antifa. Well, I can find a blacker guy in the altright. Introducing Alt-right Aaron. A black dude with dreads and a Nazi hat. Here’s his twitter.

alt-right aaron
alt-right Aaron

Yes, the Alt-right and the Antifa are at war. Despite how prominently the issue of race plays into that ideological battle, it’s not a race war. Both groups are predominantly white millennial men.

And what about the Black Lives Matter protesters? I don’t even think they were in Charlottesville. They were in Boston though. But they didn’t fight white people. They attacked the black cops.

Author: Jim Kinkade

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