Thanks to everyone reading the blog. Here’s some news for you guys.


You can expect more posts to drop. But they’re going to be shorter. I’m experimenting with a new way to blog. Formerly I’d write blogs like I used to write term papers. But that method was too laborious and posts weren’t getting published.

What would happen is that I’d do 80% of the work on a post. But in agonizing over the last 20%, it would just never get done. And so I have 6 years of near completed drafts where I comment on current events that aren’t current anymore.

So now I’m just setting the bar real low. Even though the quality of posts will drop dramatically I think overall the whole site will be so much better because at least there’s more consistent content.

The other problem I’m struggling with is how to divide the posts between my two sites. Religion plus politics goes on The food posts go on There’s just some light hearted posts that I write just for my own entertainment. You know like the Bible says, a fool delights in airing his own folly. (Proverbs 18:2)

I don’t know if they belong on or

For example, I’m currently installing Linux on my old old MacBook so I can write, publish, and podcast more efficiently on the road. And I’d like to write about it so I can share some of the tips and tricks. But what do I do with that post?

I don’t know but I guess I shouldn’t dwell too long. You just never know what’s going to “work” on the internet. For example on the windmills cause earthquakes post is far and away the most popular. It’s the only blog post I’ve done that’s gone remotely viral.

And also Dr. Pavlov animal cruelty gets steady hits. It turns out that the liberals actually accuse Dr. Pavlov of animal cruelty, so people search google for that. Anyways that post is one of the most confusing I’ve written. You’d need to drink four beers before it makes sense which is how many I threw back before I wrote it.

Lol. Jk.

So stay tuned guys and don’t forget to follow me on gab. Thank you!

Author: Jim Kinkade

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