Liberals hate Jesus more than Rape.

Liberals hate Jesus Christ more than rape. That’s the only conclusion I can draw based on what music I heard this Christmas at the mall. Not one single song celebrating Jesus Christ. Because he’s too offensive. All the best songs ever written are too offensive to play in public. But then we hear again and again a song about rape, Baby it’s Cold Outside.

Christmas with no Jesus. Just Greedy Bastards.

Each year, the day after Thanksgiving, you’re supposed to spend money for no reason. You’re supposed to buy gifts to hand out on December 25. For no reason.

It used to be that these gifts were bought for Christmas. A holiday were we observe the birth of humanity’s savior, Jesus Christ. But we’ve done away with the Jesus part. All that remains is the meaningless spending.

Do you know what meaningless spending is? Greed. Pure Greed.

This nameless, meaningless winter holiday celebrates nothing but greed.

Here we go again. Americans wanting the good things without the God things.