In defense of United Airlines. The cops were black.

Black Cops beat United passenger

A lot of people came out against United Airlines after they forced a passenger off a plane. They said United beat the guy. They said that United was incompetent and they would boycott United.

You know what? I’m coming out in support of United. They didn’t beat that doctor. The black cops did.

A lot of people right now are like, “Jim, why you got to bring race into this?”

Because you do!

I used to live in a post-racial America where skin color was as inconsequential as hair color. That was when George Bush was president.

But now we’re in a post-post-racial America. We transitioned there when we elected Obama as president because he’s black to prove to ourselves that being black doesn’t matter. Since then, skin color has become all that matters.

In Obama’s post-post-racial America, when a cop shoots and kills a criminal, there’s no commendation for that officer’s heroics. Instead, there is a slander campaign against him. It’s a foregone conclusion that a white cop would only shoot a black man because he hates blacks.

So liberals set the precedent that we must observe and analyze race in all police matters where force is used. Ok, let’s bring race into the United Airlines situation.

A Chinese passenger refuses to give up his seat on a United Airlines Flight 3411, so the airline calls the cops at Chicago O’Hare Airport.

These huge black dudes show up. I don’t know if they’re full fledged police officers or what. Maybe they were just security. But is the Chinese guy even a real doctor?

Anyways, you know how white cops have the motto “To Serve and Protect?” Black cops motto is “Well, that escalated quickly.”

I’m not saying it’s a totally bad thing. White cops too often use passive aggressive commands and weasel words. That’s good for diffusing a tense situation, talking someone off a bridge, or hostage negotiation.

But there are times when we need black cops to show up and just beat the tar out of a bad guy before he makes a break for it.

Unfortunately, this United flight was not one of those times.

We had an irrational Chinese doctor throwing a tantrum like a Chinese toddler and when the black cops showed up it was like, okay, time for some Chinese takeout.

Think about how the Chinese guy feels to be sitting on a flight and told he had to get off after being offered $800 to voluntarily reschedule. Not only is he angry at the delay, he at least wants the money. So he starts a protest. But then these black dudes show up their heads are scraping the ceiling.

“Cmon get up.”

He throws a little more of a fit and bam he’s on the ground.

A white cop would have tried talking a little, building rapport, or negotiating. A white cop would have taken a few more hits and scratches from the Chinese before he resorted to physical force.

But not the black cops. They ain’t got time for that.

And so the video of the Chinese doctor being unceremoniously dragged from the plane went viral. And America was mistakenly lead to believe there was a huge beat down and United airlines was responsible.

I’m sorry, you can excuse my language, but that’s a bunch of malarkey.

The black cop grabbed the Chinese doctor and gave him a big heave ho. There wasn’t fists, and clubs, and tazers. You’re falling for the ancient Chinese art of shameful exaggeration. That’s how they cap off a good tantrum.

And how do you blame United Airlines for all this? Did you blame the convenience store Michael Brown robbed before white police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot him?

So rather than cheering bad publicity for a major corporation whose stock is certainly in your 401k, let’s have a talk about race. Black cops hate the Chinese. There I said it.

Author: Jim Kinkade

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