I can explain Trump using a cartoon.

After the 2017 election a lot of people were wondering how Donald Trump got elected. I can explain trump using a cartoon. Not just any cartoon. A road runner and Wile E. coyote cartoon.

The clip begins as usual, the Coyote chasing the Roadrunner. The Roadrunner goes “beep beep, zip-tang!” and runs straight off a cliff. The Coyote, so focused on catching the Roadrunner, doesn’t even notice that he too ran straight off the cliff

The jet engine noise of the road runner fades into the distance as the coyote plods along slowly realizing that he’s not on solid ground. The determination in his face turns to despair. Standing at a dead standstill in mid air, the coyote looks down then at the camera and holds up a sign that says, Yipes!

Sensing the inevitability of gravity, he makes a panicked effort to save himself from plummeting to the bottom of the desert canyon. He runs back to the cliff edge. He flails and scurries midair grabbing a hold just as gravity starts working on him down.

Pulling himself onto the overhang, he chuckles to himself, gleeful for the feeling of solid ground under his feet. But there’s one problem. When he snagged the long overhanging rock, the force of gravity, though delayed, was forceful enough to break that chunk free from the cliff.

So as he walked around on what felt like solid ground, he was actually free falling.

And when he walked to the other edge, he abruptly stopped with his toes hanging over, he looked down to the fast approaching canyon bottom. Now looking at us again he gingerly waved goodbye. EEEEEeeeeeee bam!

You like that story? They tell me at church to be more Christlike so I thought this story would be like a pop culture parable.

But let me explain it because I think a few of you got the wrong idea. You think the coyote stands for trump. Wrong. The coyote stands for the American people.

For years we’ve been chasing after this liberal delusion. That’s the coyote going off the cliff. It’s impossible to run on the air. But that’s what Americans are trying to do. Look at all these impossible fantasies: gay marriage, transsexuals using the bathrooms, Obamacare, multiculturalism, welcoming terrorists as refugees, taxing people out of poverty.

These things are as absurd as running off a cliff and expecting to keep going. But here we are, arguing with Democrats about the nature of reality. They’re angry at us as if we decided that females are the ones to get pregnant.

Remember when Americans fought to free continents from tyrants, walk on the moon, cure diseases, and build transcontinental canals? Now we’re fighting over if a man wearing a dress can take a dump in the Ladies’ room.

When it hits you how stupid this predicament is, you can commiserate with Wile E. Coyote when he done did realize he ran off a cliff!

And so Make America Great Again is us clamoring for the edge of the cliff. And Donald trump is that big old overhang that we just barely snagged with our fingers.

Trump is the law and order candidate who celebrates success and gives us hope we’re back on solid ground. And so we have the sensation of solid ground once again under our feet. But we’re still free falling.

Look, nothing against Donald Trump. This cartoon based analogy isn’t critical of him. And certainly I don’t want to be pessimistic about the United States of America. But look at the self-destructive, spiteful tantrum following ¬†Trump’s election. How do we come together to administer a representative government with the likes of the Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, and the Mainstream Media?

The possibility¬†exists for us to save our country. But we’re going to need an ACME rocket pack to get out of this one.

Author: Jim Kinkade


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