Finland. The Sons of Odin more Christian than the Church.

Sons of Odin
Defend Finland (source: Daily Mail)

Jesus said to love thy neighbor. The Sons of Odin protect their neighbors in Finland from rapist refugees. Meanwhile, idiot churches help usher in thousands of Muslims who endanger the lives and welfare of their neighbors.

Who’s more Christian?

London’s Daily Mail sent Jake Wallis Simons to follow Finland’s anti-immigrant gang on patrol in the city of Kemi and write a nasty hit peice:

A gang of vigilantes led by a violent neo-Nazi is going on night time ‘migrant patrols’ on the streets of Finland, with some members talking of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the wake of the country’s mounting immigration crisis.

The self-styled ‘Soldiers of Odin’ march in a mob, wearing bomber jackets with their logo on the back. They have vowed to take direct action to ‘protect their wives, girlfriends and children’ after a migrant influx to the liberal Scandinavian country.

The gang – which claims to have cells across Europe – says it mobilised after a rise in migrant-related crime over the past 12 months because the Finnish government has ‘screwed everything up’.


So these gangs of white guys are so dang terrible. Get this. They walk around making sure none of the guests attack or rape the women of the gracious host country.

You would think that these guys would be celebrated by liberals. This group uses no automatic assault rifles and has no reports of instigating violence. But for all the melodramatic hissy-fits liberals stage over the subject of rape, they’re vilifying the Sons of Odin, not the Muslim rapists.

Here’s the bottom line facts. Muslim refugees rape women. Just two weeks after a refugee center opened in the Finnish city of Kempele, a 14-year old was raped. The following day, another 14-year old was raped in Raiso.

Some people are like, “Oh Jim, that’s just antecdotical evidence. Where’s the facts to back that up?”

Guys, I got the above facts from the very same Daily Mail hitpeice!

Look, we live in a bottom line world. When push comes to shove, we put our high-faluting ideals aside and make decisions based on the reality of the situation.

And so the Daily Mail wants you to hate the Sons of Odin because they’re into Nazi memorabilia. Oh, and “Almost all of them have criminal records, with several having served lengthy prison sentences.”

Oh, okay. Let’s say you’re a hot blonde chick. And you’re trudging through the snowy streets of Lapland one night and a group of ugly, brown skinned, fuzzy haired Muslims surround you with a horny look in their eyes.

You brace yourself for a brutal rapefest when out of the nowhere you hear swishing black Sons of Odin bomber jackets. A big old group of large white dudes, arms folded, stare down the Muzzies until they slink off to their refugee center.

What do you say to those guys, Miss Hot Blonde Chick?

Would you be like, “Uhh, no. Some of you guys got arrested for a bar fight five years ago. You can’t save me. Hey, Allu Ackbar! Come back here. I need all twelve of you to nail my pussy with your aids infested cocks. These Sons of Odin are unqualified to save me!”

That’s pretty much the absurd liberal premise of this Daily Mail article. However, they cannot help but admit that the Sons of Odin’s tactics are working!

The ‘Odins’, as they are colloquially known, enjoy significant local approval. Earlier this month, the Finnish Finance Minister, Alexander Stubb, said they should be banned. The group’s Facebook page acquired 7,000 new likes overnight.

This support can also be seen on the streets. As the men move through the centre of town, drawing sidelong glances from many locals, a former Special Forces officer who gives his name as Timo stops to give them the thumbs-up. ‘You are heroes in bomber jackets,’ he says.

At three in the morning, as the patrol draws to a close, it is striking how few migrants have been present on the streets. The next day, when MailOnline interviews some asylum seekers, it becomes clear that the vigilantes are part of the explanation.

‘We don’t go into town any more, particularly in the evenings, because we’re scared of getting beaten up by the Soldiers of Odin,’ says Hasim Keles, 25, a Kurdish migrant who has found work in a pizzeria.

‘I myself have been shouted at and cursed many times. Once, I had to be saved by a security guard.’

So Finlanders on the street cheer on the Odins while Muslims cower in fear? Mission accomplished!

The Sons of Odin got results. They disregarded the taboos of post-modern liberalism that lead everyone else to cower in fear of being labeled racist. But these are the results people long for. And that’s the context that Evangelical Christians step into and fail.

Evangelical Outreach to Failure

When it comes to religion, people don’t over analyze outlandish truth claims. They look at the success of its followers.

All religions have outlandish truth claims. And before you liberals scoff at religion, you guys believe in global warming, transgenderism, and multi-culuralism. Talk about outlandish claims.

So Muslims point an AK-47 at your face and tell you to recite, “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.” You don’t sit there and say, “Well, I was reading about Mohammed’s flying horse and that’s just a little too much.”

If you’re deciding between uttering those syllables or taking a 7.62mm slug to the face, you choose to live. Again, results.

So how about Evangelical Christians? Missionaries used to baptize with a sword in hand not too far from Finland, but that was 1000 years ago.

Today’s modern Evangelicals try to win points with society by public relations stunts. When they’ve built up enough goodwill points, then they turn on the hard sell and coerce people to recite, “Dear Jesus, I accept you into my heart.”

To that end, Evangelicals think they will win huge points in the world community by assisting refugee resettlement.

Remember how just a few minutes ago you were imagining you were a hot blonde chick? Ok. Well now imagine the Sons of Odin didn’t save you. Those Muslims brutally gang raped you. And as you lied in the snow blood on your face and semen dripping down your leg, those Muslims laughed as they walked back to their free accommodations at St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

How would you feel about St. Mark’s? How would you feel about Evangelical Lutheran religion? If Jesus is the truth, why do his followers believe this lie called multiculturalism?

Results, my friend. The results of resettling refugees is harm. Harm to your neighbors who Jesus commanded us to love. According to Finland’s Uutiset:

Evangelical Lutheran Archbishop Kari Mäkinen said on Saturday’s Yle morning show that turning away asylum-seekers based on religion or nationality is “irresponsible”. Mäkinen said that Finland should take on more refugees than the minimum mandated share, using church camping facilities as housing.

Wow, you scored a lot of points, Archbishop Mäkinen! But not with the Finnish people who adore the Sons of Odin.

In Finland, we have a group bearing the name of Jesus Christ, but acting in a foolish and harmful manner. That’s not love at all. Then we have a gang bearing the name of the Norse god of war who is fighting sacrificially on behalf of others.

What kind of upside-down world do we live in?

That’s not a rhetorical question. I’ll answer it. We live in the age of apostasy.

Author: Jim Kinkade

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