The FBI is run by Baby Boomers

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The FBI is run by Baby Boomers. They’d rather protect the public from KNOWING about crime than actually stopping it. The American public wants the truth about the Las Vegas shooting but the FBI is sheltering us from it.

Think about daddy Baby Boomer with his little Millennial boy in his lap. It’s 1995. They’re reading a story about the Big Bad Wolf. But in this version, the Three Little Pigs take the time to talk to the Big Bad Wolf. They discover he’s just a misunderstood monster. So they become friends and the wolf stops huffing and puffing and blowing their house down.

Heart warming, right? Wrong! The Baby boomer sheltered his millennial son from the idea that there are creatures out there so evil in nature that the only solution is to kill them. Baby boomers sheltered millennials from basic survival instincts.

Now the FBI and all law enforcement run by Baby Boomers protects us Americans not from the Big Bad Wolves out there. They shelter us from knowing about them.

Look I saw this first hand in Boston. After the Boston Marathon bombing the Baby Boomers in charge told us all to shelter in place. Stupid idea since it left the streets clear for the terrorist to make more ground in his get-away.

All the military equipment the baby boomers brought in failed to find the guy. It was a retired rock musician smoking a cigarette on his back porch who saw Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Then when the police helicopter hovered above the boat where he was hiding, the Baby Boomer in charge of the man hunt made a daring decision. He dug deep and got the courage to issue a command that would cause controversy. Yes, it was gutsy, but it was the right thing to do. He gave the order to cut the video feed from the helicopter as the swat team moved in on the suspect.

He spared citizens of Boston, Massachusetts, New England, and all America the gruesome sight of pure evil on their televisions. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Now Baby Boomers in government could used sanitized words to describe the incident. Bostonians could say they are Boston Strong and will run marathons like they always have before.

Nobody is going to force Baby Boomers to admit that evil exists. And this is exactly what’s happening in Las Vegas.

I just watched a youtube video where a guy measured the time from when the bullets hit the concert venue to when the gun sounds reach the target. According to him, the discrepancies in time proves there was a second shooter. Big if true.

This basic calculation proves the FBI’s official single shooter narrative incorrect. But the Baby Boomers in journalism don’t want to press for information that proves evil exists. They, like the Baby Boomers in the FBI, want to settle us down like they did to their millennial kids. They want to pacify the anxiety rather than eliminate the cause.

But it gets worse with the FBI. This organization provided cover for organizations in our government to launder money from foreign entities to alter our public policy. This is bribery.

By the way, the Bible says bribery is evil. But baby boomers don’t think so.

When their millennial kids acted up they tried to bribe them into good behavior with Gogurt snacks, trips to Discovery Zone, and Nickelodeon television.  Now we have the FBI covering up the crimes of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family initiative while refusing to expose the evil of the Las Vegas shooter(s). This is what happens with Baby Boomers in charge. Baby Boomers are a morally corrupt, sexually perverse generation. They don’t want to see evil because they may see it in their own souls.

Author: Jim Kinkade

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