Evangelicals reach out to homosexuals. Why not racists?

Evangelicals reach out to homosexuals. Why not racists?

If you read through the evangelical blogosphere and recount the minutes of denominational meetings, you would think attracting homosexuals to the church is a matter of its life or death.

Why do Evangelicals do this?

You might say it’s because the church needs to support a group that is marginalized by the culture.

Well gays aren’t marginalized. They’re celebrated. Look at all the sitcoms with gays cast in positive lights. Look at the White House emblazoned with a rainbow. Look ads for cheerios with gay dads. Look at the major corporations supporting¬†gay marriage.

Marginalized?! If you want to be the most popular kid in your high school say you’re gay.

But if you really want to find a group unwelcome anywhere in society, look at racists.

Racist is the worst thing you can call an American. If the internet decides you’re racist they’ll find all your personal details, publish them online, and get you fired from your job.

Where’s the evangelical church to aid and comfort America’s social lepers, racists?

Instead of reaching out to racists, they’re picking up rocks with the rest of the mob to stone them. Just to prove to anyone watching they are not racist.

And while they’re distancing themselves from racists, they’re ushering in gays. You know, to prove to the same anti-racist crowd they also are not homophobic.

Can evangelicals afford to take this approach?

Last I checked, evangelical churches have an attendance problem that’s painfully obvious in their empty nurseries. Well, gays can’t help you there. Their sexual activities aren’t procreative, let’s just say.

Furthermore, if you let a gay guy volunteer at nursery, you’ll lose even more families. (Been there, done that.) Yet, I know plenty of racist families where the dad has several of children — get this — all by one mother!

Exactly how many homosexuals do evangelicals think they will attract? Perhaps they suffer from the same problem of perception as most Americans.

Americans dramatically overestimate the gay and lesbian population, a recent Gallup poll suggests. The average American apparently thinks that more than one in five Americans is gay or lesbian when, according to Gallup, only 3.8 percent of Americans self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

National Review

3.8%. That’s it. When it comes to the homosexual community, the fields are not plentiful.

Ok, now what percent of the population is racist?

Well if you listen to the liberal media, everyone who voted for Donald trump is racist. Ok. According to the US Election Atlas, 62,985,106 people voted for Donald Trump.

That’s 63 million racists! Where’s the church reaching out to all these racists? They could host a wall building rally. Or they could volunteer to check IDs at the polling place. The church could donate their vans to shuttle illegal aliens back to the Mexican border.

There’s all these things the Evangelical church could do to attract racists that could generate a YUGE attendance boom.

Jude 23 says, “And have mercy on those who doubt; save others by snatching them out of the fire; to others show mercy with fear, hating even the garment stained by the flesh.”

Where’s the fear of God that leads us to hate the garment stained by the flesh, which in this case is a rainbow flag?¬†Among evangelicals there is plenty of fear of being labeled a racist.


Author: Jim Kinkade


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