Evangelical Pastors who oppose Trump suck at their job

(Originally published on FeedingJimmy.com on October 28, 2016)

Guys, I deliberated for some time about publishing this podcast. After reading an article on the Aquila Report titled Donald Trump and Sexual Assault: What Else Are Evangelical Voters Willing to Accept? I became so furious that I hit record and let it out.

But then I reviewed the tape and it dawned on me that I said the the author, Dr. Mathew Tuininga, sucked at his job. He’s the assistant professor of moral theology at Calvin college.

I also said he lied. Are these things one Christian should say about another?

As I deliberated it dawned on me that in the past five years, I filled a hard drive of nearly-finished posts for feedingjimmy.com. I’d write a post or film a YouTube video, then I’d deliberate if as a Christian I should even publish it. And these posts would languish in limbo.

The website appeared dormant. But the truth is I did a lot of work that never saw the light of day. Meanwhile the computer hard drive had no room left for my poor wife to download pictures of the kids!

You know what? I don’t care anymore. I clicked publish on this podcast. Dr. Tuininga may weep into the shoulder of a fully tenured professor of moral theology when he hears this, but so be it.

I’m disgusted that we have the legal accomplice to Bill Clinton’s terrible rapes running for president and fraudulent pastors pretend to worry about Donald Trump’s crass talk.

Read the book of Esther. Did Mordecai wring his hands about King Xerxes’s womanizing when he sent his foster daughter into his harem? No. Neither should pastors cry crocodile tears about what essentially amounts to the lyrics of a typical Hip Hop song.

Hillary Clinton belongs in jail for her various crimes. She belongs in prison, not the White House! If you lack the discernment to see this, you cannot shepherd God’s flock. You can’t tell the sheep from the wolves. You’re no better than a sheep yourself. You are a sheep in shepherds’ clothing.

Like I said, Pastors who oppose Trump suck at their job.

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Author: Jim Kinkade


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