Ed Stetzer: Evangelicals Sold their Soul for a Bowl of Trump

(Originally published on FeedingJimmy.com on November 8, 2016)

Ed Stetzer wrote Evangelicals: This Is What It Looks Like When You Sell Your Soul For A Bowl Of Trump on his blog, the Exchange. In it he laments that white Evangelical voters don’t judge politicians by their private actions. He then accuses us Donald Trump voters of hypocrisy if we also had a problem with Bill Clinton’s indiscretions.

Okay, Big Ed, your blog is called the Exchange? Get ready for some back and forth.

First, the idea that evangelicals are less moralistic than they used to be comes from an opinion poll published by the PRRI/Brookings Institute and reported on by New York Magazine. They say that five years ago only 30% of Evangelicals believed that “elected officials can behave ethically even if they have committed transgressions in their personal lives.” Now the number is a whopping 72%.

So 72% of evangelicals don’t mind if their leaders grab a side dish to go with their main entré. Dr. Stetzer responds to the report by saying:

However, the NY Magazine article highlights something very important—the people of God, who are called to hold to the highest standard of morals and ethics, now rank as the highest group percentage-wise of those who say that these things don’t necessarily matter. This is a problem of huge proportions.With such a swing happening in a short period of time, we have to consider the surrounding circumstances. As such, it is hard not to conclude that for many this has happened so that they could justify voting for Trump.

Sorry Ed Stetzer, you can’t blame this one on the Donald! It’s your fault evangelicals don’t care about the personal lives of their leaders. You and all your evangelical pastors, authors, and teachers.

You guys have been teaching us for years not to be legalistic!

Every time someone like me brings up morality you accuse him of being a Pharisee. When we strive toward patriotic virtue you claim it’s an idol. If we bring up a failing of our leaders, we’re chided for over emphasizing truth, not love.

Ed Stetzer has been telling us for years not to be judgmental. Now all of a sudden he wants us to be judgmental when it comes to Trump.

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Author: Jim Kinkade


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