Do Not Jelq

do not jelq
do not jelq

Guys, do not jelq. Some of you are looking around nervously, pretending to not know what jelqing is. Aw, cmon. I know you have heard about it.

Jelqing is an exercise program that’s supposed to add inches your penis.  There are online forums such as Thunder’s Palce and PEGym where guys check in to report their gains, post new regimens, and learn techniques.

As preposterous as this sounds, I think the techniques actually work. That is to say, I don’t think these are hoax sites. These forums are just like any other forum where guys talk about truck repairs, weightlifting, or foreskin restoration. In fact, the information is published without any paywalls or pressure to buy fad products or pills.

But here’s the thing, while jelqing works to lengthen the tissue in your dick, it also damages it. So you risk becoming impotent.

Listen, you may be dissatisfied with how big your dick is. Well, welcome to the club. This club includes every man who’s ever walked the planet.

Don’t think that you’re the exception to the rule. Don’t think that you’ll be the guy who will try out jelqing without negative consequences. Don’t risk rendering your dick totally limp and lifeless just to see what all the fuss is about.

When your kneeling on the bed ready to nail your wife and suddenly your dick deflates like a party balloon, you’ll pray to God. You scream, “Why God, why? Why did you let this happen to me?” And God will be like hey I warned you. And you’ll be like when? Right now. This article your reading. It’s your fair warning. Do not jelq.

Author: Jim Kinkade

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