Wellesley Chicks Terrorized by Trump Flag

(Originally published on FeedingJimmy.com on November 10, 2016)

The Boston Globe reported that CIS male Babson students (a microaggression) drove around the Wellesley college campus in a pickup truck (a microaggression ) waving a Trump flag… a MEGA AGGRESSION!!!!

By the way, the Globe authors of this article presume the gender of the entire Wellesley college by calling it an “elite all-women campus.” It’s not just women. Genders at Wellesley run the full gamut — except for CIS male.

Ed Stetzer: Evangelicals Sold their Soul for a Bowl of Trump

(Originally published on FeedingJimmy.com on November 8, 2016)

Ed Stetzer wrote Evangelicals: This Is What It Looks Like When You Sell Your Soul For A Bowl Of Trump on his blog, the Exchange. In it he laments that white Evangelical voters don’t judge politicians by their private actions. He then accuses us Donald Trump voters of hypocrisy if we also had a problem with Bill Clinton’s indiscretions.

Okay, Big Ed, your blog is called the Exchange? Get ready for some back and forth.

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Election 2016: Evangelicals face a Mordecai Moment

(Originally published on FeedingJimmy.com on November 6, 2016. The article explained it better than the podcast.)

Joseph Rossell, wrote Election 2016: Evangelicals Face a “Hagar Moment,” in a blog post that got picked up by the Aquila Report. Here we go. Another stupid article where some hand-wringer tries to make us Christians feel guilty about voting for Trump.

Sorry, buddy. I’m not motived by guilt like liberals are. I’m motived by justice. As such, I will be voting for Donald Trump over Crooked Hillary, who belongs in prison. There’s no Hagar Moment. On Election 2016, Evangelicals face a Mordecai Moment.

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Evangelical Pastors who oppose Trump suck at their job

(Originally published on FeedingJimmy.com on October 28, 2016)

Guys, I deliberated for some time about publishing this podcast. After reading an article on the Aquila Report titled Donald Trump and Sexual Assault: What Else Are Evangelical Voters Willing to Accept? I became so furious that I hit record and let it out. Continue reading “Evangelical Pastors who oppose Trump suck at their job”

If Trump was Black, his Locker Room Talk would be OK.

(Originally published on feedingjimmy.com on Oct. 20, 2016)

If Trump was black, his locker room talk would be okay.

President Barack Obama invited black hip hop “musician” Jay-Z to play several concerts at the White House. Liberals cheered when he rapped about mistreating bitches and hos.

He’s black. It’s okay. In fact, it’s celebrated. (by liberals.)

But Donald Trump points out in a private conversation that women throw themselves at rich, powerful men and he’s vilified.

Goes to show who the real racists are. Liberals.