How many Syrian Refugees become Christians?

Syrian refugee

How many Syrian refugees become Christians? Evangelical churches who assist in the resettlement efforts should be seeing a huge revival by now. But things aren’t exactly going according to plan.

Finland, a small Nordic country of about 5.5 million, accepted 300,000 refugees in 2015. A Finnish Christian newspaper, Uusei Tie, conducted a survey to investigate interest in Christianity among Muslim refugees. They reported:

The survey covered 165 Lutheran churches, selecting those where there is a reception centre within the parish area. The senior pastors were asked how many Muslim asylum seekers had been baptised among those who arrived to Finland in the autumn of 2015. 128 responses were received. In these churches a total of 117 Muslims had been baptised.

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Finland. The Sons of Odin more Christian than the Church.

Sons of Odin
Defend Finland (source: Daily Mail)

Jesus said to love thy neighbor. The Sons of Odin protect their neighbors in Finland from rapist refugees. Meanwhile, idiot churches help usher in thousands of Muslims who endanger the lives and welfare of their neighbors.

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Evangelicals reach out to homosexuals. Why not racists?

Evangelicals reach out to homosexuals. Why not racists?

If you read through the evangelical blogosphere and recount the minutes of denominational meetings, you would think attracting homosexuals to the church is a matter of its life or death.

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I can explain Trump using a cartoon.

After the 2017 election a lot of people were wondering how Donald Trump got elected. I can explain trump using a cartoon. Not just any cartoon. A road runner and Wile E. coyote cartoon.

The clip begins as usual, the Coyote chasing the Roadrunner. The Roadrunner goes “beep beep, zip-tang!” and runs straight off a cliff. The Coyote, so focused on catching the Roadrunner, doesn’t even notice that he too ran straight off the cliff

The jet engine noise of the road runner fades into the distance as the coyote plods along slowly realizing that he’s not on solid ground. The determination in his face turns to despair. Standing at a dead standstill in mid air, the coyote looks down then at the camera and holds up a sign that says, Yipes! Continue reading “I can explain Trump using a cartoon.”