BREAKING NEWS: we got a reader!

Breaking news here at We got a reader. Someone searched for something online, saw a related link to, and clicked through.

Amazing, I know. For the longest time it’s been goose eggs across the board. But I just checked the site stats and there was indeed one visitor.

Make note of the time and date. March 9, 2017, 21:17 Texas time.

Who was it? Why did he or she click through? I don’t know. My web diagnostic tools are not that sophisticated. And I’m not nosey like Mark Zuckerburg or anything.

But if you’re reading this now, today, then you are that visitor. Thank you for reading. If you care to introduce yourself and tell us why you visited fell free to leave a comment below.

Guys, there’s actually a competition going on here between this site and my old site, We’re trying to see who can get more page views.

Don’t worry! I’m still involved in But not as much since I spun off this solo project.

Anyways tell your friend to visit And I probly shouldn’t say don’t visit, but if you visit there once, visit here twice!

Author: Jim Kinkade

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