Antifa’s next move. The black pawn.

black pawn

I’m going to make a bold prediction right here. If the Alt-right and Antifa have another showdown, the Antifa will recruit black thugs as mercenaries to fight the good ol’ boys of the Alt-right.

That is if they even have another showdown. I’m not sure if the Alt-right is motivated to take the streets again.

The Antifa enjoys withering cover fire from the media. They rarely face the consequences for their actions. But anyone merely associating with the Alt-right risks getting doxxed and losing his job.

The advantage goes to Antifa in the court of public opinion, inasmuch as liberals on social media and the mainstream media can censor it. But on the mean streets of reality, the Alt-right kicks ass.

Why would the faggots of the Antifa think they can fight the Alt-right? Antifa includes doughy fat chumps wearing dresses and hair permed like a middle aged women. I’m talking about the men! You think I’m exaggerating?! These guys literally fit their man boobs into the women’s dresses they wear, see here.

Then you have the Alt-right who include combat veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with tattoos all over their cannonball shoulders. I don’t care about the tough talking Antifa with their black hoodies and masks. The only punches they’ve ever thrown was by pressing the x button on their PlayStation 2.

No contest!

On top of their pathetic firepower, the Antifa employ suicidal tactics. Think about it. They take to the streets and block traffic!

Look, if you thought there were evil, Neo-nazi, KKK fascists at large, why would stand in front of their cars? Especially if you’re an overweight woman and they’re driving a high horsepower Dodge Challenger.

Now, I get the premise. They want to poke the bear. Then when they get the claw, the media will run stories about how terrible the bear is. Sounds great on paper. But their goal is to win by losing. And that’s what their doing. Loosing.

It’s like the Indianapolis colts raising a banner saying AFC Finalist. No matter what you say about the moral victory, you’ve lost the actual battle. And that’s demoralizing.

How can you fundraise and recruit members when you’re asking them to get injured or possibly die just to make racists look bad? You’re asking them to be pawns. White liberal pawns who believe in gun-control facing-off against the Alt-right armed to the teeth.

Sorry, white people don’t play pawns.

So right now, this week, as the Antifa nurse their injuries from Charlottesville and Phoenix, they will realize that in their violent battle against violent racists, they will need to call in the black cavalry.

Yes, I predict Antifa will use black people like pawns to take and deliver the brunt of the violence in the skirmish. Antifa will recruit blacks to do their dirty work.

It makes perfect sense. If Antifa resorts to violence to fight violence, then they get racist to fight racism. Bold prediction, right? Well, when you see it happen come back to to let me know.

And let me conclude with this. The Alt-right versus Antifa is really a battle between whites. There’s almost as many minorities in the Alt-right as in Antifa, in either case it’s very little. The liberal media needs the black faces fighting the white Alt-right to really stoke the race war they lust for oh, so bad.

Author: Jim Kinkade

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