Did God Bless the Patriots Because of Israel?

jewish patriots

Did God bless the New England Patriots because of Israel? Crazy question, I know, but the Patriots are crazy successful. Is there a supernatural reason?

After Jewish businessman Bob Kraft bought the floundering NFL team in 1994, they quickly established themselves as a football dynasty unlike any other.

The Patriots played 23 seasons so far under Mr. Kraft’s ownership. In that time they posted a winning regular season record 20 times, while taking their division, the AFC East, 16 times. They earned 18 playoff births, and in 12 of them they made it to the AFC Championship. Hoisting 8 AFC championship banners, they played in the 8 Super Bowls, where they walked away champions with 5 Lombardi Trophies.

All the while Mr. Kraft, the Patriots organization, and several Patriots players have gone out of their way to bless the nation of Israel.

Patriots and Israel

The Israeli Football League benefited greatly from the philanthropy of Mr. Kraft. He donated money to the league and networked with Israeli leaders to secure field space for the league to play. The Jerusalem Post said, “The Kraft fingerprints are all over the league.”

This June 18, Football Hall-of-Famers took a good-will trip called Touchdown in Israel II where they inaugurated the Kraft Family Sports Complex in Jerusalem, named for the family who donated $6 million for its construction.

I can recall Tom Brady in an interview on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan Morning Show speaking about a trip he took to Israel with Mr. Kraft and Coach Bill Belichick. I believe this was around 2004 or 2005.

Furthermore, the Patriots employ two of the NFL’s few Jewish players, Julian Edleman and Nate Ebner. Mr. Edleman himself participated in a Israeli tourism campaign called Yalla! So consider all this philanthropy and good-will of the Patriots to Israel, because my next bold point will knock your yarmulke off.

Read the Bible.

When God blessed the ancient nation of Israel, he granted them military victories. As Deuteronomy 28:7 says, “The LORD will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before you. They shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways.”

Blessings like this also extend to the nation’s allies. As Balaam son of Beor prophesied in Numbers 24:9, “Blessed is everyone who blesses Israel, and cursed is everyone who curses Israel.”

So then does the blessing of military victory apply to winning Super Bowls?

Guys, football isn’t war. Nobody’s dying. But as George Carlin pointed out, compared to baseball, football features harsh militaristic symbolism and combative mentality.

Furthermore, the Patriots became a lightning rod for losers to strike with unjust spite. You saw that on display with the whole deflategate melodrama. So in a sport when victory equals vindication, maybe God was sending some the New England Patriots way.

Look, I can’t help but notice similarities in the visceral anger towards the Patriots and the Jews for their respective success. ESPN commentators reminded me of Palestinian rock throwers.

Do I really believe this? Guys, it doesn’t matter. In Super Bowl LI when the Patriots were down 28-3, I prayed right there in K-Bobs Steakhouse. I said, God, if the Patriots win, I’ll write a blog post about how they win because they support Israel. And they won. So I need to keep my oath. Here is that blog post.

The Failed Christian Response to Charlottesville

Following the events of the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, many Christian leaders grandstanded each other to condemn what they characterized as hatred and racism.

I can’t blame anyone for concluding the Alt-right is terrible after taking a cursory glance at this rally. When the media shows swaztikas, klansmen, and a Dodge Challenger barreling through counter protesters, what other conclusion can you draw?

Guys, I beg you to use some discernment here. The Alt-right is an incredible opportunity for the gospel of Jesus Christ to gain huge ground among the millennial generation. Before you unequivocally denounce them, consider what that same media says about you.

They say you hate gays.

“Oh no, Jim, we don’t hate guys.”

Yes you do. I just saw on CNN pictures of Westboro Baptist Church holding signs that say God Hates Fags.

“They don’t represent all Christians”

Oh, so you support gay marriage?

“No. We believe that homosexuality is wrong. But hate the sin love the sinner.”

Well, according to liberals in the media, if you don’t support gay marriage, then you believe that God hate gays, just like the sign says.

“No, Jim, that’s a mischaracterization! The media shouldn’t associate all Christians with the Westboro Baptist Church.”

Oh, okay. Hold that thought. We can calibrate the media’s slander factor. That same media that’s says you hate gays says that the Alt-right hates black people.

Would my fellow Christians consider for one second that maybe, just maybe, the Alt-right doesn’t hate black people? You say hate the sin love the sinner. The Alt-right says we don’t hate black people we just love white culture.

These guys mustered around General Lee’s statue not to fight against some thing but to fight for something. These young men of the Alt-right took to the streets of Charlottesville to fight for their culture. In other words they are culture warriors. They fight in the culture war.

How long have you heard pastors lament we’re losing the culture war? Well, the Alt-right agrees that our culture is corrupt. So in a way they are our allies.

Hold on. I’m not suggesting that we Christians endorse the Alt-right or compromise our beliefs to make political bedfellows. What I’m saying is that from the common ground we have with the Alt-right, we can segue into discussing how our culture became so corrupt and how we can redeem it.

Look, our culture became rotten when it rejected Jesus Christ. That’s a cold hard fact that typical liberal snowflakes refuse to admit. They insist Christianity is the problem, which is a pure delusion.

Say what you will about the Alt-right. They’re not delusional liberals. They love the cold hard truth, however politically incorrect. Is there anything more truthful or politically incorrect than the gospel of Jesus Christ?

So while you run scared from these racists of the Alt-right, I remember Jesus words. “Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.” – John 4:35