How many Syrian Refugees become Christians?

Syrian refugee

How many Syrian refugees become Christians? Evangelical churches who assist in the resettlement efforts should be seeing a huge revival by now. But things aren’t exactly going according to plan.

Finland, a small Nordic country of about 5.5 million, accepted 300,000 refugees in 2015. A Finnish Christian newspaper, Uusei Tie, conducted a survey to investigate interest in Christianity among Muslim refugees. They reported:

The survey covered 165 Lutheran churches, selecting those where there is a reception centre within the parish area. The senior pastors were asked how many Muslim asylum seekers had been baptised among those who arrived to Finland in the autumn of 2015. 128 responses were received. In these churches a total of 117 Muslims had been baptised.

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Finland. The Sons of Odin more Christian than the Church.

Sons of Odin
Defend Finland (source: Daily Mail)

Jesus said to love thy neighbor. The Sons of Odin protect their neighbors in Finland from rapist refugees. Meanwhile, idiot churches help usher in thousands of Muslims who endanger the lives and welfare of their neighbors.

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Alt-right high school?

Guys, is this high school mascot actually an orange Pepe?

Maybe it’s the eyes and the round head, but it struck me as bearing a resemblance to Pepe the frog who serves as mascot to the alt-right. (To the chagrin of his cartoonist creator.)

Regardless, think of how great an alt-right high school would be. English class would be Ayn Rand books. Science class would be a study in firearm ballistics. Computer class would be programming 4chan-like databases.

And the basketball team. Well, actually, the basketball team would suck.

But the hockey team would rule!

BREAKING NEWS: we got a reader!

Breaking news here at We got a reader. Someone searched for something online, saw a related link to, and clicked through.

Amazing, I know. For the longest time it’s been goose eggs across the board. But I just checked the site stats and there was indeed one visitor.

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Evangelicals reach out to homosexuals. Why not racists?

Evangelicals reach out to homosexuals. Why not racists?

If you read through the evangelical blogosphere and recount the minutes of denominational meetings, you would think attracting homosexuals to the church is a matter of its life or death.

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I can explain Trump using a cartoon.

After the 2017 election a lot of people were wondering how Donald Trump got elected. I can explain trump using a cartoon. Not just any cartoon. A road runner and Wile E. coyote cartoon.

The clip begins as usual, the Coyote chasing the Roadrunner. The Roadrunner goes “beep beep, zip-tang!” and runs straight off a cliff. The Coyote, so focused on catching the Roadrunner, doesn’t even notice that he too ran straight off the cliff

The jet engine noise of the road runner fades into the distance as the coyote plods along slowly realizing that he’s not on solid ground. The determination in his face turns to despair. Standing at a dead standstill in mid air, the coyote looks down then at the camera and holds up a sign that says, Yipes! Continue reading “I can explain Trump using a cartoon.”

Thanks to everyone reading the blog. Here’s some news for you guys.


You can expect more posts to drop. But they’re going to be shorter. I’m experimenting with a new way to blog. Formerly I’d write blogs like I used to write term papers. But that method was too laborious and posts weren’t getting published.

What would happen is that I’d do 80% of the work on a post. But in agonizing over the last 20%, it would just never get done. And so I have 6 years of near completed drafts where I comment on current events that aren’t current anymore.

So now I’m just setting the bar real low. Even though the quality of posts will drop dramatically I think overall the whole site will be so much better because at least there’s more consistent content.

The other problem I’m struggling with is how to divide the posts between my two sites. Religion plus politics goes on The food posts go on There’s just some light hearted posts that I write just for my own entertainment. You know like the Bible says, a fool delights in airing his own folly. (Proverbs 18:2)

I don’t know if they belong on or

For example, I’m currently installing Linux on my old old MacBook so I can write, publish, and podcast more efficiently on the road. And I’d like to write about it so I can share some of the tips and tricks. But what do I do with that post?

I don’t know but I guess I shouldn’t dwell too long. You just never know what’s going to “work” on the internet. For example on the windmills cause earthquakes post is far and away the most popular. It’s the only blog post I’ve done that’s gone remotely viral.

And also Dr. Pavlov animal cruelty gets steady hits. It turns out that the liberals actually accuse Dr. Pavlov of animal cruelty, so people search google for that. Anyways that post is one of the most confusing I’ve written. You’d need to drink four beers before it makes sense which is how many I threw back before I wrote it.

Lol. Jk.

So stay tuned guys and don’t forget to follow me on gab. Thank you!

Transgender Wrestler a Typical Girl


If you can pick your gender why does it have to be just male or female?

When I wrestled in high school I should have chosen a third gender. A hyper-masculine gender. I mean even more masculine than I actually was (if you can imagine that). And to achieve this ideal of hypermasculinity, I would require doctor prescribed shots of trenbolone, a powerful anabolic steroid.

Of course, I would complain to the Boston Globe that the Massachusetts Wrestling Association did not accommodate us hypermasculine gendered wrestlers with our own state championship tournament. But I would reluctantly enter in the boy’s bracket where, thanks to the tren, I would advance farther than I actually did in high school wrestling.

That’s what I thought after hearing about Mack Beggs, the transgender boy (i.e mentally ill girl) wrestling in the girls’ tournament. Turns out she’s taking testosterone to “transition.” But USA Today tells us not to make a big deal of that:

Despite Beggs wanting to compete as a male, UIL regulations bar anyone from competing in a gender that doesn’t match their birth certificate. For his part, Beggs and his grandmother have continued to provide testosterone testing results to ensure that Beggs is legally within the range required to compete in the girls category.

-USA Today, Transgender boy wins controversial girls high school state title

Oh, okay. So she’s taking enough testosterone to become a boy. But not enough to disqualify her from competing as a girl. That contradiction makes perfect sense to liberals who believe gender stereotypes are meaningless social constructs until a female wants to be a male. Then liberals celebrate all those crude masculine behaviors they hitherto denounced.

You know what? Mack Beggs is a typical girl. She wants it both ways. She’s girl enough when it comes to her eligibility to wrestle as a girl. But she’s boy enough that the Texas regulators should have broken her free from the shackles of her female birth certificate.